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To kill a mockingbird by Lee, Harper

Publication: Arrow Books London 2010 . 309 p. 25 Date: 2010

all time classic Added 19/07/2018

Siddhartha's brain: unlocking the ancient science of enlightenment by Kingsland, James

Publication: New York William Morrow 2016 . 343 p. 25 Date: 2016

An astonishing accessible and well-written book on the science behind meditation and mindfulness. Added 26/07/2017

Wild: a journey from lost to found on the Pacific crest trail by Strayed, Cheryl

Publication: London Atlantic Books 2013 . 315 p. 25 Date: 2013

The most beautiful book about self-discovery that I've ever read. Glad that this was the last book that I read before leaving IIMA. A story about exploring yourself and sorting your life by using a hiking trail and nature's beauty as a crutch. Added 16/03/2016

My way: success mantras of 12 achievers

Publication: New Delhi Rupa Publications India 2014 . xviii, 142 p. 25 Date: 2014

Wonderful book... Added 16/12/2014

Siddhartha: an Indian tale by Hesse, Hermann

Publication: Simon & Brown 2010 . 99 p. 25 Date: 2010

This book is like a mirror. Whoever reads it will find themselves as Siddhartha. Given the way it encapsulates a lifetime experience with a simultaneous appeal to both logic and emotion, there are great lessons that we all can learn from this book. Added 18/07/2013

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