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100 _aNapier, Rodney W
245 _aAdvanced games for trainers: powerful interventions for solving team, group, and organizational problems
_cNapier, Rodney W
260 _aMumbai
_bMcGraw-Hill Education
300 _axvi + 370 p.
520 _aUse this powerful collection of experiential learning activities to confrontand eliminatedifficult organizational problems. All the designs are devoted to changing hidden attitudes, assumptions, and values that people seldom even acknowledge, but that often sabotage even successful companies. Stimulating and challenging to facilitate, the interventions make it possible to win employees trust and confidence while changing negative attitudes, healing old mistrust, repairing team conflicts, fostering empathy towards minority groups, restoring lost confidence in a leader, and more.
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700 _aGershenfeld, Matti K
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