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020 _a9781422101650
082 _a658.406
100 _aJoachimsthaler, Erich
245 _aHidden in plain sight: how to find and execute your company's next big growth strategy
_cJoachimsthaler, Erich
260 _aBoston
_bHarvard Business School Press
300 _axiii, 253 p.
365 _bUSD 29.95
520 _aThis book explains how you can spot these opportunities that are hidden in plain sight. It introduces the demand-first innovation and growth model that will show you how to become an unbiased observer of peoples consumption and usage behaviors. Refining this skill helps companies generate organic growth through new products, services, solutions, and experiences that truly enhance peoples lives. Revealing the innovative processes of such organizations as BMW, Proctor and Gamble, GE Healthcare, and Frito-Lay, Hidden in Plain Sight offers you a new approach to identifying and executing your companys growth strategy.
650 _aNew products
650 _aConsumers' preference
650 _aConsumers - Research
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