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245 _aManagement in India: trends and transition
260 _aNew Delhi
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300 _axiii, 441 p.
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520 _aManagement in India presents the first comprehensive and in-depth examination of the emerging changes in Indian management culture both at the macro and micro levels and their impact on domestic and multinational business based in India. Drawing on the talent of outstanding contributors, the editors of this book analyse how the Indian business scenario is changing rapidly, while the attitude towards and orientation and practice of management has been correspondingly slow to change. Indian managers have found it difficult to change policies both at the enterprise and the employee level to match an increasingly global and international environment.
650 _aManagement - India
650 _aPersonnel management - India
650 _aCorporate culture - India
700 _aDavis, Herbert J.
700 _aChatterjee, Samir R.
700 _aHeuer, Mark
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