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100 _aJoshi, Mark
245 _aC++ design patterns and derivatives pricing
_cJoshi, Mark
260 _aCambridge
_bCambridge University Press
300 _axiii, 199 p.
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440 _aMathematics, Finance and Risk
520 _aCombining mathematical finance with C++ and object-oriented programming (00P), M. Joshi demonstrates the relevance and use of OOP in financial mathematics by describing how to use price derivatives to obtain reusable and extensible code. A large part of the book is devoted to designing reusable components which are then combined to build a Monte Carlo pricer for exotic equity derivatives. Readers knowing the basics of C++ and mathematical finance, but are unclear how to use OOP to implement models, will welcome this analysis
650 _aDerivative securities - Prices - Mathematical models
650 _aC ++ (Computer Programme language)
650 _aBusiness mathematics
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952 _w2009-09-04
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_MMr.Vineet Virmani
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