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100 _aSenge, Peter
245 _aPresence: exploring profound change in people, organizations, and society
_cSenge, Peter
260 _aNew York
300 _ax, 289 p.
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520 _aPresence can be read as a both a guide and a challenge to leaders in business, education, and government to transform their institutions into powerful agents of change in a world increasingly out of balance. Since business is the most powerful institution in the world today, the authors argue, it must play a key role in solving global societal problems. Yet so many institutions seem to run people rather than the other way around. In this illuminating book, the authors seek to understand why people don't change systems and institutions even when they pose a threat to society, and examine why institutional change is so difficult to attain.
650 _aOrganisational change
650 _aOrganization learning
650 _aBusiness & economics
650 _aSocial change
700 _aScharmer, C Otto
700 _aJaworski, Joseph
700 _aFlowers, Betty Sue
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