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020 _a9780130082183
082 _a658.8
100 _aBest, Roger J.
245 _aMarket-based management: strategies for growing customer value and profitability
_cBest, Roger J.
250 _a3rd ed.
260 _aNew Jersey
300 _axxv, 401 p.
520 _aThis book takes a strategic approach to value/profitability in marketing management and helps readers work through financial analysis. The Third Edition includes increased coverage of important topics such as e-Marketing, supply chain management, customer relationship management, and branding. It focuses on the fundamental need for businesses to attract, satisfy, and retain customers. Coverage that goes beyond marketing fundamentals features a three-fold integration of market-driven strategy, customer satisfaction, and profitable growth. For marketing departments and business owners seeking the tools and techniques for delivering higher levels of customer satisfaction, marketing productivity and profitability
650 _aStrategic management
650 _aCustomer satisfaction
650 _aManagement
650 _aMarketing
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