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020 _a9780367255381
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100 _aAdams, Christopher P.
245 _aLearning microeconometrics with R
260 _bCRC Press
_aBoca Raton
300 _axxx, 368 p.
_bIncludes index and bibliographic references
440 _aChapman & Hall/CRC the R series
504 _aTable of contents Introduction Part Part I Experiments Chapter 1| Ordinary Least Squares Chapter 2| Multiple Regression Chapter 3| Instrumental Variables Chapter 4| Bounds Estimation Part Part II| Structural Estimation Chapter 5| Estimating Demand Chapter 6| Estimating Selection Models Chapter 7| Demand Estimation with IV Chapter 8| Estimating Games Chapter 9| Estimating Auction Models Part Part III| Repeated Measurement Chapter 10| Panel Data Chapter 11| Synthetic Controls Chapter 12| Mixture Models
520 _aThis book provides an introduction to the field of microeconometrics through the use of R. The focus is on applying current learning from the field to real world problems. It uses R to both teach the concepts of the field and show the reader how the techniques can be used. It is aimed at the general reader with the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in economics, statistics or some more technical field. It covers the standard tools of microeconometrics, OLS, instrumental variables, Heckman selection and difference in difference. In addition, it introduces bounds, factor models, mixture models and empirical Bayesian analysis. Key Features: Focuses on the assumptions underlying the algorithms rather than their statistical properties. Presents cutting-edge analysis of factor models and finite mixture models. Uses a hands-on approach to examine the assumptions made by the models and when the models fail to estimate accurately. Utilizes interesting real-world data sets that can be used to analyze important microeconomic problems. Introduces R programming concepts throughout the book. Includes appendices that discuss some of the standard statistical concepts and R programming used in the book https://www.taylorfrancis.com/books/mono/10.1201/9780429288333/learning-microeconometrics-christopher-adams
650 _aEconometrics
650 _aStatistics - Computer programs
650 _aR - Computer program language
700 _aChambers, John M.
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