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245 _aThe construction of a global world, 1400-1800 CE, part 1. foundations
260 _bCambridge University Press
_aNew Delhi
300 _axx, 509 p.: ill.
_bIncludes references and index
440 _aThe Cambridge world history; 6-2
520 _aThe era from 1400 to 1800 saw intense biological, commercial, and cultural exchanges, and the creation of global connections on an unprecedented scale. Divided into two books, Volume 6 of the Cambridge World History series considers these critical transformations. The first book examines the material and political foundations of the era, including global considerations of the environment, disease, technology, and cities, along with regional studies of empires in the eastern and western hemispheres, crossroads areas such as the Indian Ocean, Central Asia, and the Caribbean, and sites of competition and conflict, including Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Mediterranean. The second book focuses on patterns of change, examining the expansion of Christianity and Islam, migrations, warfare, and other topics on a global scale, and offering insightful detailed analyses of the Columbian exchange, slavery, silver, trade, entrepreneurs, Asian religions, legal encounters, plantation economies, early industrialism, and the writing of history. https://www.cambridge.org/core/books/cambridge-world-history/8D3F887A914CFF0268AB188EA4D66385
650 _aWorld history
650 _aMiddle ages
650 _aCultural relations
650 _aInternational relations and culture
650 _aHistory
700 _aBentley, Jerry H.
700 _aSubrahmanyam, Sanjay
700 _aWiesner-Hanks, Merry E.
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