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100 _aRawat, Pranidhi
245 _aBenefit of doubt
260 _bNotion Press
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520 _aThings were going fine till Saisha moved to Mumbai to work. Despite being extremely cautious and calculative about her feelings, a fateful encounter with teammate Sanil will soon change her life with hearts fluttering and breaking. But there was someone else who wasn’t too far behind in having his life getting entangled in a web of confusion and quest for what he called love for Saisha. Adamant to win over Saisha who needs time, to what lengths will he go? And, just when everything seems peaceful, unfortunately, an unexpected confrontation with someone from the past changes everything. With some chapters from the past needing closure, Saisha finds herself torn between two very different men who weren’t completely honest. Where does that eventually lead her? Does she get her happy ending? Does anyone? https://notionpress.com/read/benefit-of-doubt
650 _aLove
650 _aHesitance
650 _aFeelings of doubt
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