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020 _a9781138049017
082 _a519.536
100 _aKorosteleva, Olga
245 _aAdvanced regression models with SAS and R
260 _bCRC Press
_aBoca Raton
300 _axiii, 310 p.
_bIncludes illustrations, reference and index
504 _aTable of Contents Introduction : general and generalized linear regression models Regression models for response with right-skewed distribution Regression models for binary response Regression models for categorical response Regression models for count response Regression models for over-dispersed count response Regression models for proportion response General linear regression models for repeated measures data Generalized linear regression model for repeated measures data Hierarchical regression model.
520 _aAdvanced Regression Models with SAS and R exposes the reader to the modern world of regression analysis. The material covered by this book consists of regression models that go beyond linear regression, including models for right-skewed, categorical and hierarchical observations. The book presents the theory as well as fully worked-out numerical examples with complete SAS and R codes for each regression. The emphasis is on model accuracy and the interpretation of results. For each regression, the fitted model is presented along with an interpretation of estimated regression coefficients and prediction of response for given values of predictors. Features: Presents the theoretical framework for each regression. Discusses data that are categorical, count, proportions, right-skewed, longitudinal and hierarchical. Uses examples based on real-life consulting projects. Provides complete SAS and R codes for each example. Includes several exercises for every regression. Advanced Regression Models with SAS and R is designed as a text for an upper-division undergraduate or a graduate course in regression analysis. Prior exposure to the two software packages is desired but not required. https://www.routledge.com/Advanced-Regression-Models-with-SAS-and-R/Korosteleva/p/book/9781138049017
650 _aR (Computer program language)
650 _aSAS (Computer file)
650 _aRegression analysis
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