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245 _aBe the greatest product manager ever: master six proven skills to get the career you want
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520 _aAre you a product manager who can't seem to get promoted? Aspire to be a product management executive, but can't break through the ceiling? Getting conflicting advice on what to do next in your career? Noted expert and Amazon.com best seller of five product management books, Lewis C. Lin reveals in Be the Greatest Product Manager Ever what you need to do to get the career you deserve. The book goes beyond just giving examples of talented product managers. He shares secrets and tactics you need to implement to move up in your career. In the book, Lin reveals the ESTEEM Method™: six magical competencies to move ahead in your PM career. He explains why they’re the most critical competencies and provides specific tips and tactics on what you could do to demonstrate your capabilities. This material is frequently sought after, but rarely shared. Go behind the scenes with Lin to discover how top product managers get promoted, and what you need to do to get there. https://www.lewis-lin.com/be-the-greatest-product-manager-ever
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