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020 _a9781498779524
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100 _aChen, Ding-Geng (Din)
245 _aClinical trial data analysis using R and SAS
250 _a2nd
260 _bCRC Press
300 _axxxii, 378p.
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440 _aChapman & Hall/ CRC biostatistics series
504 _aTable of Contents 1 Introduction to R 2 Overview of Clinical Trials 3 Treatment Comparisons in Clinical Trials 4 Treatment Comparisons in Clinical Trials with Covariates 5 Analysis of Clinical Trials with Time-to-Event Endpoints 6 Longitudinal Data Analysis for Clinical Trials 7 Sample Size Determination and Power Calculations in Clinical Trials 8 Meta-Analysis of Clinical Trials 9 Bayesian Methods in Clinical Trials 10 Bioequivalence Clinical Trials 11 Adverse Events in Clinical Trials 12 Analysis of DNA Microarrays in Clinical Trials
520 _aClinical Trial Data Analysis Using R and SAS, Second Edition provides a thorough presentation of biostatistical analyses of clinical trial data with step-by-step implementations using R and SAS. The book’s practical, detailed approach draws on the authors’ 30 years’ experience in biostatistical research and clinical development. The authors develop step-by-step analysis code using appropriate R packages and functions and SAS PROCS, which enables readers to gain an understanding of the analysis methods and R and SAS implementation so that they can use these two popular software packages to analyze their own clinical trial data. What’s New in the Second Edition Adds SAS programs along with the R programs for clinical trial data analysis. Updates all the statistical analysis with updated R packages. Includes correlated data analysis with multivariate analysis of variance. Applies R and SAS to clinical trial data from hypertension, duodenal ulcer, beta blockers, familial andenomatous polyposis, and breast cancer trials. Covers the biostatistical aspects of various clinical trials, including treatment comparisons, time-to-event endpoints, longitudinal clinical trials, and bioequivalence trials. https://www.crcpress.com/Clinical-Trial-Data-Analysis-Using-R-and-SAS/Chen-Peace-Zhang/p/book/9781498779524
650 _aR - Computer program language
650 _aSAS - Computer program language
650 _aClinical trials - Statistical methods
700 _aPeace, Karl E.
_eCo author
700 _aZhang, Pinggao
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