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020 _a9781138492691
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245 _aMachine learning and IoT: a biological perspective
260 _bCRC Press
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504 _aTable of Contents 1 Machine Learning: A Powerful Tool for Biologists Mohd Zafar, Ramkumar Lakshmi Narayanan, Saroj K. Meher, and Shishir K. Behera 2 Mining and Analysis of Bioprocess Data Prerna Grover, Aditya Shah, and Shampa Sen 3 Data Mining in Nutrigenomics Avipsha Sarkar, Shreyasi Kundu, Shakti Singh, and Shampa Sen 4 Machine Learning in Metabolic Engineering Sayak Mitra 5 Big Data and Transcriptomics Sudharsana Sundarrajan, Sajitha Lulu, and Mohanapriya Arumugam 6 Comparative Study of Predictive Models in Microbial-Induced Corrosion Nitu Joseph and Debayan Mandal 7 Application of Data Mining Techniques in Autoimmune Diseases Research and Treatment Sweta Bhattacharya and Sombuddha Sengupta 8 Data Mining Techniques in Imaging of Embryogenesis Diptesh Mahajan and Gaurav K. Verma 9 Machine Learning Approach to Overcome the Challenges in Theranostics: A Review Bishwambhar Mishra, Sayak Mitra, Karthikeya Srinivasa Varma Gottimukkala, and Shampa Sen 10 Emotion Detection System Adrish Bhattacharya, Vibhash Chandra, and Leonid Datta 11 Segmentation and Clinical Outcome Prediction in Brain Lesions Sharmila Nageswaran, S. Vidhya, and Deepa Madathil 12 Machine Learning Based Hospital-Acquired Infection Control System Prajit Kumar Datta, Sehaj Sharma, and Gaurav Bansal 13 No Human Doctor: Learning of the Machine Leonid Datta, Emilee Datta, and Shampa Sen 14 The IoT Revolution Adrish Bhattacharya and Denim Datta 15 Healthcare IoT (H-IoT): Applications and Ethical Concerns Srijita Banerjee, Adrish Bhattacharya, and Shampa Sen 16 Brain–Computer Interface Abhishek Mukherjee, Madhurima Gupta, and Shampa Sen 17 IoT-Based Wearable Medical Devices Avitaj Mitra, Abanish Roy, Harshit Nanda, Riddhi Srivastava, and M. Gayathri 18 People with Disabilities: The Helping Hand of IoT Ashmita Das, Sayak Mitra, and Shampa Sen 19 Smart Analytical Lab Subhrodeep Saha, Sourish Sen, Bharti Singh, and Shampa Sen 20 Crop and Animal Farming IoT (CAF-IoT) Neha Agnihotri, Soumyadipto Santra, and Shampa Sen
520 _aThis book discusses some of the innumerable ways in which computational methods can be used to facilitate research in biology and medicine - from storing enormous amounts of biological data to solving complex biological problems and enhancing treatment of various grave diseases. https://www.crcpress.com/Machine-Learning-and-IoT-A-Biological-Perspective-1st-Edition/Sen-Datta-Mitra/p/book/9781138492691
650 _aBioinformatics - Methodology
650 _aMedical aspects
650 _aHealthcare management
650 _aMachine learning
700 _aSen, Shampa
700 _aDatta, Leonid
700 _aMitra, Sayak
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