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020 _a9781138095885
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245 _aBig data analytics in future power systems
260 _bCRC Press
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504 _aTable of Contents 1 Introduction. 2 Big Data Application and Analytics in a Large-Scale Power System. 3 The Role of Big Data in Smart Grid Communications. 4 Big Data Optimization in Electric Power Systems: A Review. 5 Security Methods for Critical Infrastructure Communications. 6 Data-Mining Methods for Electricity Theft Detection 7 Unit Commitment Control of Smart Grids. 8 A New Transformer Differential Protection Algorithm Based on Data Pattern Recognition.
520 _aPower systems are increasingly collecting large amounts of data due to the expansion of the Internet of Things into power grids. In a smart grids scenario, a huge number of intelligent devices will be connected with almost no human intervention characterizing a machine-to-machine scenario, which is one of the pillars of the Internet of Things. The book characterizes and evaluates how the emerging growth of data in communications networks applied to smart grids will impact the grid efficiency and reliability. Additionally, this book discusses the various security concerns that become manifest with Big Data and expanded communications in power grids. Provide a general description and definition of big data, which has been gaining significant attention in the research community. Introduces a comprehensive overview of big data optimization methods in power system. Reviews the communication devices used in critical infrastructure, especially power systems; security methods available to vet the identity of devices; and general security threats in CI networks. Presents applications in power systems, such as power flow and protection. Reviews electricity theft concerns and the wide variety of data-driven techniques and applications developed for electricity theft detection. https://www.crcpress.com/Big-Data-Analytics-in-Future-Power-Systems/Zobaa-Bihl/p/book/9781138095885
650 _aSmart power grids -- data processing
650 _aElectric power systems
650 _aBig data
700 _aZobaa, Ahmed F.
700 _aBihl, Trevor J.
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