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100 _aBose, Arup
245 _aRandom circulant matrices
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504 _aTable of Contents 1. Circulants 2. Symmetric and reverse circulant 3. LSD: normal approximation LSD: dependent input Spectral radius: light tail Spectral radius: k-circulant Maximum of scaled eigenvalues: dependent input Poisson convergence Heavy tailed input: LSD Heavy-tailed input: spectral radius Appendix
520 _aCirculant matrices have been around for a long time and have been extensively used in many scientific areas. This book studies the properties of the eigenvalues for various types of circulant matrices, such as the usual circulant, the reverse circulant, and the k-circulant when the dimension of the matrices grow and the entries are random. In particular, the behavior of the spectral distribution, of the spectral radius and of the appropriate point processes are developed systematically using the method of moments and the various powerful normal approximation results. This behavior varies according as the entries are independent, are from a linear process, and are light- or heavy-tailed. https://www.crcpress.com/Random-Circulant-Matrices/Bose-Saha/p/book/9781138351097
650 _aMatrices -- Problems, exercises
650 _aRandom matrices
650 _aEigenvalues
700 _aSaha, Koushik
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