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245 _aModern and interdisciplinary problems in network science: a translational research perspective
260 _bCRC Press
300 _ax, 290p.
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504 _aTable of Contents Chapter 1: The Spread of Strategies Predicted by Artificial Intelligence in Networks Chunyan Zhang Chapter 2: The Spread of Multiple Strategies in the Complex Networks Jenlei Zhang Chapter 3: The epidemic spreading processes in complex networks Chengyi Xia Chapter 4: Measurements for Investigating complex networks Z. Chen; Y. Shi Chapter 5: Overview of Social Media Content and Network Analysis Mohammed Ali Al-Garadi Chapter 6: Analysis of Critical Infrastructure Network D. Rehak, P. Senovsky, M. Hromada Chapter 7: Evolving Networks and their Vulnerabilities, Abbe Mowshowitz, Valia Mitsou, Graham Bent Chapter 8: Review of structures and dynamics of economic complex networks: Large scale payment network of Estonia Stephanie Rendón de la Torre Chapter 9: Predicting Macroeconomic Variables using Financial Networks Properties Petre Caraiani Chapter 10: Anomaly Detection in Complex Networks Yaser Yasami Chapter 11: Finding Justice through Network Analysis Radboud Winkels
520 _aModern and Interdisciplinary Problems in Network Science: A Translational Research Perspective covers a broad range of concepts and methods, with a strong emphasis on interdisciplinarity. The topics range from analyzing mathematical properties of network-based methods to applying them to application areas. By covering this broad range of topics, the book aims to fill a gap in the contemporary literature in disciplines such as physics, applied mathematics and information sciences. https://www.crcpress.com/Modern-and-Interdisciplinary-Problems-in-Network-Science-A-Translational/Chen-Dehmer-Emmert-Streib-Shi/p/book/9780815376583
650 _aNetwork analysis--planning
650 _aApplied mathematics
650 _aMathematics and statistics
700 _aChen, Zengqiang
700 _aDehmer, Matthias
700 _aEmmert-Streib, Frank
700 _aShi, Yongtang
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