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245 _aHandbook of marketing analytics: methods and applications in marketing management, public policy, and litigation support
260 _bEdward Elgar
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504 _aTable of Contents Part I Experimental Designs 1. Laboratory Experimentation in Marketing 2. Field Experiments 3. Conjoint Analysis Part II Classical Econometrics 4. Time-Series Models of Short-Run and Long-Run Marketing Impact 5. Panel Data Methods in Marketing Research 6. Causal Inference in Marketing Applications Part III Discrete Choice Modeling 7. Modeling Choice Processes in Marketing 8. Bayesian Econometrics 9. Structural Models in Marketing Part IV Latent Structure Analysis 10. Multivariate statistical analyses: Cluster analysis, factor analysis, and multidimensional scaling Part V Machine Learning and Big Data 11. Machine Learning and Marketing 12. Big Data Analytics Part VI Generalizations and Optimizations 13. Meta Analysis in Marketing 14. Marketing Optimization Methods Case Studies and Applications Part VII Case Studies and Applications in Marketing Management 15. Industry Applications of Conjoint Analysis 16. How time series econometrics helped Inofec quantify online and offline funnel progression and reallocate marketing budgets for higher profits 17. Panel Data Models for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Direct-to-Physician Pharmaceutical Marketing Activities 18. A Nested Logit Model for Product and Transaction-Type Choice Planning Automakers’ Pricing and Promotions 19. Visualizing Asymmetric Competitive Market Structure in Large Markets 20. User Profiling in Display Advertising 21. Dynamic Optimization for Marketing Budget Allocation at Bayer Part VIII Case Studies and Applications in Public Policy 22. Consumer (Mis)Behavior and Public Policy Intervention 23. Nudging Healthy Choices with the 4Ps Framework for Behavior Change 24. Field Experimentation: Promoting Environmentally Friendly Consumer Behavior 25. Regulation and Online Advertising Markets 26. Measuring the Long-Term Effects of Public Policy: The Case of Narcotics Use and Property Crime 27. Applying Structural Models in a Public Policy Context Part IX Case Studies and Applications in Litigation Support 28. Avoiding Bias: Ensuring Validity and Admissibility of Survey Evidence in Litigations Rebecca Kirk Fair and Laura O’Laughlin 29. Experiments in Litigation 30. Conjoint Analysis in Litigation 31. Conjoint Analysis: Applications in Antitrust Litigation 32. Feature Valuation Using Equilibrium Conjoint Analysis 33. Regression Analysis to Evaluate Harm in a Breach of Contract Case 34. Consumer Surveys in Trademark Infringement Litigation: FIJI vs. VITI Case Study 35. Survey Evidence to Evaluate a Marketing Claim: Skye Astiana, Plaintiff v. Ben & Jerry’s Homemade, Inc., Defendant 36. Machine Learning in Litigation
520 _aThe Handbook of Marketing Analytics showcases analytical marketing methods and their high-impact real-life applications in marketing management, public policy, and litigation support. Fourteen chapters present an overview of specific marketing analytic methods in technical detail, while 22 case studies present thorough examples of the use of each method.The contributors featured are recognized authorities in their fields. Multidisciplinary in scope, this Handbook covers experimental methods, non-experimental methods, and their digital-era extensions. It explores topics such as classical and Bayesian econometrics, causality, machine learning, optimization, and recent advancements in conjoint analysis.This standout collection of analytical methods and application will be useful and educational for all readers, whether they are academics or practitioners in marketing, public policy, or litigation. https://www.e-elgar.com/shop/handbook-of-marketing-analytics
650 _aMarketing - Data processing
650 _aClassic Econometrics
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650 _aSales and Marketing Management
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