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100 _aGaither, Milton
245 _aHomeschool: an American history
260 _bPalgrave Macmillan
_aNew York.
300 _axix, 317 p.
520 _aThis book provides a lively account of one of the most important and overlooked themes in American education. Beginning in the colonial period and working to the present, Gaither describes in rich detail how the home has been used as the base for education of all kinds. The last five chapters focus especially on the modern homeschooling movement and offer the most comprehensive and authoritative account of it ever written. Readers will learn how and why homeschooling emerged when it did, where it has been, and where it may be going. The second edition has been thoroughly revised to incorporate the most recent scholarship on the topic and to provide comprehensive coverage of recent trends. https://www.palgrave.com/gp/book/9781349950553
650 _aSchool education - United States
650 _aHome schooling
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