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520 _aA broken heart still loves unconditionally. Even though it gets cautious, it never runs out of love. A broken smile still tries to reassure everyone that everything is fine. Even though your mind is in pieces, it never lets those feelings of being lost and hurt through. A broken home still hopes that it will all be okay. Even though times are tough and there is no one around, it never gets too cold in those times when you are somewhere between a broken place and your safe haven. A broken soul still heals, given time. Even though it tests your patience, it never stops you from your redemption. Beautiful Carcass is a collection of coming-of-age poems. It is a reminiscence of a young girl as she sees a few faces of love, how she has her heart and soul broken, and how she eventually picks herself up again and creates a warrior out of the broken pieces to fight battles with the ugly side of life. It is the journey of acceptance of an innocent mind that not everything is unicorns and rainbows, but it is okay. Not everything has to be. https://www.partridgepublishing.com/India/Books/bookdetail.aspx?bookid=BK180040
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