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100 _aVisvanathan, Shiv
245 _aTheatres of democracy: between the epic and the everyday
260 _bHarperCollins India
300 _axviii, 429 p.
520 _aUnburdened by partisanship or political correctness, these essays by Shiv Visvanathan, one of India’s foremost public intellectuals, chronicle the democratic ferment and political upheavals in contemporary India. Written over the last twenty years, they engage with issues as diverse as the new dimensions of violence, the value of dissent, the creativity in popular culture and the pathologies of nationalism and religious fundamentalism. Always alert to nuance, Visvanathan offers novel portraits of politicians, intellectuals, and sport and film personalities. Combining wit, irony and analytical brilliance, the writings collected in Theatres of Democracy show a commitment to thinking creatively about India. https://harpercollins.co.in/book/theatres-of-democracy/
650 _aPolitics and Culture - India
650 _aPopular Culture - India
650 _aIndia - Social Conditions
700 _aGowda, Chandan
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