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245 0 0 _aLearning design: conceptualizing a framework for teaching and learning online
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504 _aTable of content Foreword by Diana Laurillard Preface Chapter 1: The Larnaca Declaration on Learning Design – 2013 by James Dalziel, Gráinne Conole, Sandra Wills, Simon Walker, Sue Bennett, Eva Dobozy, Leanne Cameron, Emil Badilescu-Buga, and Matt Bower Chapter 2: Theoretical underpinnings of Learning Design by Gráinne Conole Chapter 3: Reflections on Metaphors for Learning Design by James Dalziel and Eva Dobozy Chapter 4: Learning Design in the New Digital Age by Simon Walker and Mark J.P. Kerrigan Chapter 5: The complementary nature of Learning Design and TPACK by Eva Dobozy and Chris Campbell Chapter 6: The 7Cs of Learning Design by Gráinne Conole Chapter 7: Investigating University Educators’ Design Thinking and the Implications for Design Support Tools by Sue Bennett, Shirley Agostinho, and Lori Lockyer Chapter 8: A Deeper Understanding of Reuse: Learning Designs, Activities, Resources and Their Contexts by Sandra Wills and Chris Pegler Chapter 9: The Use and Usefulness of Transdisciplinary Pedagogical Templates by Eva Dobozy and James Dalziel Chapter 10: Social Adoption of Learning Design by Emil Badilescu-Buga Chapter 11: A Framework for Adaptive Learning Design in a Web-conferencing Environment by Matt Bower Chapter 12: Learning Design: Where Do We Go From Here? By James Dalziel, Sandra Wills, Grainne Conole, Simon Walker, Sue Bennett, Eva Dobozy, Leanne Cameron, Emil Badilescu-Buga, Matt Bower and Chris Pegler List of Contributors Index
520 _aThe new field of learning design has the potential to revolutionize not only technology in education, but the whole field of teaching and learning through the application of design thinking to education. Learning Design looks inside the "black box" of pedagogy to understand what teachers and learners do together, and how the best teaching ideas can be shared on a global scale. Learning design supports all pedagogical approaches, content areas, and fields of education. The book opens with a new synthesis of the field of learning design and its place in educational theory and practice, and goes on to explore the implications of learning design for many areas of education—both practical and theoretical—in a series of chapters by Larnaca Declaration authors and other international experts. https://www.routledge.com/Learning-Design-Conceptualizing-a-Framework-for-Teaching-and-Learning/Dalziel/p/book/9781138910973
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