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_aFP 388.324068
100 _aRoy, Debjit
245 _aTrucking business management: cases and concepts
260 _aNew Delhi
_bMcGraw Hill Education
300 _axxvii, 296 p.: ill.
_bIncludes references
504 _aTable of Contents Chapter 1: An Overview of theTrucking Sector in India: Significance and Structure Chapter 2: HRPractices in the Trucking Industry Case 1: AgrawalPackers and Movers Ltd.: The Road Ahead Case 2:Navigators Logistics Company Private Limited Case 3: Agrawal Packers and Movers Limited Case 4: ShreejiTransport Services Private Limited Case 5: KMTrans Logistics: Workshop Operations Case 6: SpareParts Procurement Planning at KM Trans Logistics Case 7: NovireTechnologies: Automatic Vehicle Location Case 8: InstantTransport Solution Private Limited Case 9: IspaatParivahan Limited: Additional Fleet Acquisition Case 10: XYZTrucking Company: Misappropriation of Company Funds Case 11:Farmaid Tractors Limited Case 12: Laxmi Transformers
520 _aTrucking Business Management is a compilation of cases authored by professors and researchers of IIM Ahmedabad in the field of road transportation. It is an attempt to fill the business-practice gap and impart a professional approach towards enabling the trucking business to grow. This book offers a collection of cases and related reading material. It will serve as a good resource for learning in the courses related to trucking, transport, and logistics management. It will also be useful for managers in the transport industry and researchers in the field. http://www.mheducation.co.in/trucking-bussiness-management
650 _aTrucking
650 _aTrucking - Management
700 _aRaghuram, G.
700 _aJain, Rekha
700 _aTripathi, Sanjeev
700 _aSharda, Kirti
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