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020 _a9781482241495
082 _a512​.5028553
100 _aArangala, Crista
245 _aExploring linear algebra: labs and projects with mathematica
_cArangala, Crista
260 _aBoca Raton
_bCRC Press
300 _aviii, 139 p.
440 _aTextbooks in Mathematics
504 _a Table of Contents: 1. Matrix Operations 2. Invertibility 3.Vector Spaces 4.Orthogonality 5.Matrix Decomposition with Applications 6.Applications to Differential Equations 7.Mathematica Demonstrations and References
520 _aExploring Linear Algebra: Labs and Projects with Mathematica® is a hands-on lab manual for daily use in the classroom. Each lab includes exercises, theorems, and problems that guide your students on an exploration of linear algebra. The exercises section integrates problems, technology, Mathematica® visualization, and Mathematica CDFs, enabling students to discover the theory and applications of linear algebra in a meaningful way. The theorems and problems section presents the theoretical aspects of linear algebra. Students are encouraged to discover the truth of each theorem and problem, to move toward proving (or disproving) each statement, and to present their results to their peers. Each chapter also contains a project set consisting of application-driven projects that emphasize the material in the chapter. Students can use these projects as the basis for further undergraduate research. (https://www.crcpress.com/Exploring-Linear-Algebra-Labs-and-Projects-with-Mathematica-/Arangala/9781482241495)
650 _aAlgebras, Linear - Data processing
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