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245 1 0 _aAcademic writing and grammar for students
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520 _a'Alex unpacks the complexities of language to provide sound advice on writing for university at all levels. The book ranges from basic grammar to more advanced examples such as the complexities of "hedging". The advice is well supported by examples from a range of disciplines.' - Dr Sue Tangney, Cardiff Metropolitan University 'This exciting new publication helps students understand the requirements of academic writing in today's world. I have no hesitation in recommending this book to all students.' - Penelope Hood, Anglia Ruskin University This handy guide shows students how to use academic English grammar and punctuation. The author identifies common grammar mistakes and how to avoid them, making extensive use of examples and advice from tutors from a range of subjects. This valuable book enables readers to immediately improve their work at university. Inside, you will find practical advice on: common mistakes punctuation conciseness proofreading referencing and more. The advice in the book has been tried and tested through workshops that the author runs with students. It will be useful to undergraduates on a wide range of courses, and will help promote independent learning as well as practical writing skills.
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