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100 1 _aLi, Arthur
245 1 0 _aHandbook of SAS data step programming
_cLi, Arthur
260 _aBoca Raton
_bCRC Press
300 _axxi, 253 p.
520 _aTo write an accomplished program in the DATA step of SASĀ®, programmers must understand programming logic and know how to implement and even create their own programming algorithm. Handbook of SASĀ® DATA Step Programming shows readers how best to manage and manipulate data by using the DATA step. The book helps novices avoid common mistakes resulting from a lack of understanding fundamental and unique SAS programming concepts. It explains that learning syntax does not solve all problems; rather, a thorough comprehension of SAS processing is needed for successful programming. The author also guides readers through a programming task. In most of the examples, the author first presents strategies and steps for solving the problem, then offers a solution, and finally gives a more detailed explanation of the solution.
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