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245 0 0 _aCases in entrepreneurship
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520 _a The Society for Advancement of Villagers' Education and Rural Assistance (SAVERA) is consistently working towards the rural development and nation building. The forum encourages manifold developmental activities in the field of research. It is a consortium of professionals, research scientists, social scientists, reformists, technocrats, and agriculturists, which offers critical inputs on development of rural India. One of the objectives of SAVERA is to develop the teaching cases on entrepreneurship in Indian and global perspectives. However, 'Cases in Entrepreneurship' is an attempt to further the vision of SAVERA in the field of entrepreneurship teaching. Collectively, the book puts forward the idea of teaching cases in entrepreneurship for classroom discussion. Therefore, it becomes obligatory to produce a complete literature of cases in entrepreneurship. The present edition is a collection of scholarly written teaching cases on the various concerns of entrepreneurship.
650 0 _aEntrepreneurship - Case studies
700 1 _aDwivedi, Amit Kumar
700 1 _aSingh, Harnam
700 1 _aSukhwal, Anita
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