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100 1 _aParks, Steve
245 1 0 _aStart your business week by week: how to plan and launch your successful business--one step at a time
_cParks, Steve
250 _a2nd ed.
260 _aHarlow
300 _axxi, 216 p.
365 _aUKP
520 _aIn 26 weekly steps, this unique and cleverly structured book will walk any budding entrepreneur through everything you need to know and do, in the exact order you need to do it, to get your new business up and running. Each step contains a to-do list, an explanation of what needs to be done, useful hints and shortcuts and the contact information you need. Written by an experienced entrepreneur and updated for a new global economy, this book contains the most up to date, fresh thinking and ideas, so you can overcome the challenges of a new business start-up and turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality.
650 0 _aNew business enterprises
650 0 _aSmall business - Management
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