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020 _a9781259058592
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100 _aJoshi, Manjiri Gokhale
245 _aBosses of the wild: lessons from the corporate jungle
_cJoshi, Manjiri Gokhale
260 _c2013
_bMcGraw Hill Education India Pvt. Ltd.
_aNew Delhi
300 _axvi, 139 p.
365 _aINR
520 _aBased on fascinating animal behavior research, this book maps 10 animal personality types to explore the underlying dynamics of work life. Enlightening and entertaining in parts, this is the perfect guidebook for anyone new to work life and an amusing read for old hands who have been there and done that. "If each person could identify which animal type they are faced with, leverage on the strengths of their colleagues, predict responses and effectively tailor their own response to diffuse conflict, imagine the person hours saved in managing professional angst and focusing on achieving results!"
650 _aLeadership
650 _aSuccess in business
650 _aExecutives
650 _aPersonality
650 _aCorporations
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