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020 _a9780070700895
082 _a658.5
100 _aChase, Richard B.
245 _aOperations and supply management
_cChase, Richard B.
250 _a12th ed.
_bSpecial Indian edtion
260 _c2010
_bTata McGraw Hill Education Private Limited
_aNew Delhi
300 _axxv, 914 p.
_eWith CD at Acc. No. CD002140
500 _aWith CD at Acc. No. CD002140
520 _aThe 12th International Edition of the book has a supply chain focus as compared to the 11th edition book, where the focus is competitiveness. The changed focus is prudent due to considerable interest of contemporary Operations Managers in Supply Chain activities. Therefore, in India too, fresh adaptation of this book is urgently needed with a coherent focus and Indian cases/examples. The revision of Special Indian edition is aimed at catering to the present and future needs of Indian business environment. While retaining the original framework and flavor of the book, relevant India specific content has been added in the form of cases, examples and boxed items keeping in mind the requirements of Indian students and faculty.
650 _aProduction and quantitative methods
650 _aProduction management
700 _aShankar, Ravi
700 _aJacobs, F. Robert
700 _aAquilano, Nicholas J.
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