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245 _aAll in a day's cricket: an anthology of outstanding cricket writing
260 _c2012
_bConstable & Robinson Ltd.
300 _axxi, 442 p.
365 _aINR
520 _aThis selection of the very best, and most intriguing, writing on cricket, drawn from the mid-eighteenth century to the present day, adopts a fresh approach. It is arranged around the theme of the many things that must happen simply for a day's play to happen - from creating a clearing in a Malaysian jungle to getting to the ground - so includes, alongside writing by players both great and unknown, the perspectives of spectators, umpires, scorers and other unsung heroes of the game.
650 _aGeneral
650 _aCricket
650 _aCricket - Anecdotes
700 _aLevison, Brian
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