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020 _a9781412990547
082 _a306
100 _aGriswold, Wendy
245 _aCultures and societies in a changing world
250 _a4th ed.
260 _c2013
_bSage Publications
_aLos Angeles
300 _axvii, 208 p.
365 _aINR
440 _aSociology for a New Century
520 _aIn today's world, both cultures and societies are changing more quickly than ever before. The Fourth Edition of Cultures and Societies in a Changing World sheds light on the role culture plays in shaping our social world.A vital and personal aspect of individual identity, culture shapes a person's norms, values, beliefs and practices. This Fourth Edition introduces the sociology of culture and explores cultural phenomena including stories, beliefs, media, ideas, art, religious practices, fashions and rituals from a global-sociological perspective. The author takes a global approach by considering cultural examples from various countries and time periods, by delving into the ways globalization processes are affecting cultures and by offering an explanation of the post-Cold War era culture-related conflicts.
650 _aSocial science
650 _aCulture
650 _aSocial change
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