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020 _a9781848601468
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245 _aSage handbook of leadership
260 _c2011
_bSage Publications
_aLos Angeles
300 _axxxviii, 551 p.
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520 _aLeadership pervades every aspect of organizational and social life, and its study has never been more diverse, nor more fertile. With contributions from those who have defined that territory, this volume is not only a key point of reference for researchers, students and practitioners, but also an agenda-setting prospective and retrospective look at the state of leadership in the twenty-first century. It evaluates the domain and stretches it further by considering leadership scholarship from every angle, concluding with an optimistic look at the future of leaders, followers and their place in organizations and society at large (http://www.sagepub.com/books/Book233409?siteId=sage-us&prodTypes=any&q=Sage+handbook+of+leadership&fs=1)
650 _aLeadership - Handbooks, manuals
700 _eBryman, Alan
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