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020 _a9780471975007
082 _a658.4038
100 _aRemenyi, Dan
245 _aAchieving maximum value from information systems: a process approach
260 _c1997
_bJohn Wiley & Sons
300 _axvi, 262 p.
365 _aUSD
440 _aJohn Wiley series in information systems
520 _aThe main feature of this book is that it takes a process approach to the evaluation of information systems based on the well established paradigm of formative evaluation. Formative evaluation copes with and offers assistance in a changing environment which many information systems people regard as the most important reason why they do not always perform as well as they should. The book combines both theoretical and practical aspects of the topic in not only presenting the issues involved in formative evaluating but in providing a practical guide to how these can be resolved through setting up an active benefit realisation programme under conditions of continuing change. (http://www.amazon.com)
650 _aInformation resources management
650 _aManagement information systems
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