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020 _a9780792354581
082 _aR 519.7
100 _aBard, Jonathan F.
245 _aPractical bilevel optimization: algorithms and applications
260 _c1998
_bKluwer Academic Publishers
300 _axii, 473 p.
365 _aEUR
440 _aNonconvex optimization and its applications, vol. 30
520 _aThe focus of this book is on bilevel programming which combines elements of hierarchical optimization and game theory. The basic model addresses the problem where two decision-makers, each with their individual objectives, act and react in a noncooperative manner. The actions of one affect the choices and payoffs available to the other but neither player can completely dominate the other in the traditional sense. Over the last 20 years there has been a steady growth in research related to theory and solution methodologies for bilevel programming.This interest stems from the inherent complexity and consequent challenge of the underlying mathematics, as well as the applicability of the bilevel model to many real-world situations. The primary aim of this book is to provide a historical perspective on algorithmic development and to highlight those implementations that have proved to be the most efficient in their class. A corollary aim is to provide a sampling of applications in order to demonstrate the versatility of the basic model and the limitations of current technology. (http://www.alibris.com)
650 _aMathematical optimization
650 _aOperations research
650 _aProgramming (Mathematics)
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