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020 _a9780198063285
082 _a303.484
100 _aOommen, T. K.
245 _aSocial movement: Concerns of equity and security Vol. II
260 _c2010
_bOxford University Press
_aNew Delhi
300 _axii, 352 p.
365 _aINR
440 _aOxford in India readings in sociology and social anthropology
520 _aWith essays published over the last fifty years, the twin-volume Social Movement is the most comprehensive anthology of social movement studies in Independent India. The volumes cover religious, caste, linguistic, tribal, peasant, labour, women, youth, and environmental movements in diverse regions, and with varying academic orientations. While the general introduction provides a broad understanding of social movements in social science, the short sectional introductions enable readers to situate the chapters in their proper contexts. (http://www.oup.co.in)
650 _aIndia --Social conditions
650 _aSocial movements --India
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