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245 _aWorld bank in India: undermining sovereignty distorting development
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_bOrient BlackSwan
300 _axxvii, 507 p.
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520 _aBringing together academic discussions on public policy and the experiences of the common people of India, this collection of essays by a range of eminent scholars across disciplines tackles the problems of contemporary development policy and contributes to the ongoing debate. The current financial crisis has clearly demonstrated the inability of international financial institutions to maintain a stable global economic order. However, few challenges to this order have been taken seriously due to the nearly complete dominance of the ideology of free markets. This volume contributes to the emerging critique of the present economic order and attempts to find alternatives. (http://www.orientblackswan.com)
650 _aWorld bank - India
700 _aKelly, Michele
700 _aD'Souza, Deepika
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