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100 _aKaul, Asha
245 _aBusiness communication
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504 _aTable of contents Preface Chapter 1 COMMUNICATION: AN OVERVIEW Chapter 2 BARRIERS AND AIDS TO COMMUNICATION Chapter 3 LISTENING Chapter 4 PRESENTATION SKILLS Chapter 5 ASSERTIVENESS Chapter 6 BODY SPORT AND VOICE MODULATIONS Chapter 7 GROUP DISCUSSIONS AND INTERVIEWS CASE STUDY 1 The Eagle CASE STUDY 2 ABC Careers CASE STUDY 3 Kantha Industry CASE STUDY 4 TD Medical Transcription Company CASE STUDY 5 Kumarsons CASE STUDY 6 Phoenix Management Entrance Training Institute Index
520 _aIt is said the future belongs to Communication. And rightly so. For today, more than ever before, the need for effective communication is being felt. This is particularly true of business communication because, organizations in their efforts to excel in business and outdo their competitors have to be precise and extremely effective in their communication to satisfy all its stakeholdersbe they suppliers, distributors, advertisers or customers. This book on Business Communication, now in its Second Edition, brings to fore the multidimensional aspects of Business Communicationranging from listening, speaking, developing skill sets, to exhibiting correct body language. The book emphasizes that understanding the perceptions and mindsets of the communicators and the context are crucial for business communication. This book, which is the outcome of the rich and the vast experience of Dr. Asha Kaul and her interaction with the brilliant young minds at IIM Ahmedabad and other B-schools, should be of immense value to the budding as well as practicing managers. All readers will find this new edition extremely useful, refreshingly different, and delectably delightful. https://www.phindia.com/Books/BookDetail/9788120338487/business-communication-kaul
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