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100 _aMiner, John B.
245 _aOrganizational behavior 5: from unconscious motivation to role-motivated leadership
_cMiner, John B.
260 _aNew York
_bM. E. Sharpe
300 _axvii, 492 p.
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520 _aThis volume makes available in one place the large body of research that has been developed over the years on role motivation theory. Author Jack Miner has always been concerned with unconscious factors in human experience, and this work is designed to give proper emphasis to their role in organizational behavior. Part I reviews the current status of projective techniques and the recent work that has been done on unconscious motivation. Part II covers Miner's significant research in the field, from his early work at the Atlantic Refining Company to his career-long leadership studies of Princeton University graduates. The chapters in Part III involve psychometric data analysis, meta-analysis, and factor analysis. Source: M E Sharp
650 _aEmployee motivation
650 _aLeadership
650 _aOrganizational behavior
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