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245 _aThe handbook of cross-cultural management research
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520 _aThe editors of The Handbook of Cross-Cultural Management have drawn together scholars in the field of management from around the world to contribute vital information from their cross-national studies to this innovative, comprehensive tome. In the current cross-cultural studies included, authors explore links between people and organizations, giving cultural perspectives on the most significant topics in the field of organizational behavior- such as motivation, human resource management, and leadership -and answering many of the field's most controversial methodological questions.Key Features Presents innovative perspectives on the cultural context of organizations: In addition to straightforward coverage of structures and processes, this Handbook also addresses locally distinctive, indigenous views of organizational processes from around the world and considers the interplay of climate and wealth when analyzing how organizations operate. Offers an integrated theoretical framework: At the start of each substantive section, the editors provide context for the proceeding chapters by discussing the emphasis prevalent cultures in different parts of the world place on particular aspects of organizational processes and outcomes. Boasts a global group of contributing scholars: This Handbook features contributing authors from around the world who represent an outstanding mix of respected, longstanding scholars in cross-cultural management as well as newer names already impacting the literature. Provides an authoritative agenda for the future development of the field: All chapters conclude with a list of promising avenues for further research and a focus on issues that remain unresolved.
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