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100 _aMiller, Michael
245 _aOnline marketing heroes: interviews with 25 successful online marketing gurus
260 _aIndiana
_bWiley Publishing, Inc.
300 _axvi, 319 p.
365 _bUSD 24.99
520 _aThis book focuses on today's most successful online marketers, with up-to-date information and advice on current online marketing trends. It includes 25 interviews with today's top Internet marketers-email marketers, web marketers, advertising executives, and the like. The book details the inside story of how these marketing heroes achieved their success, tips and advice on how to be more successful marketing online, and it covers all aspects of online marketing including: Search engine marketing and optimization, Online advertising, Online retailing, Online merchandising, Email marketing, Website promotion, Online public relations, Blog marketing, Direct response copywriting, and Affiliate marketing.
650 _aInternet marketing
650 _aInternet advertising
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