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Corporate governance and financial reporting - 3 Vols. CPA problems and approaches to solutions by Horngren, Charles T. Decision support systems in finance and accounting by Heymann, H. G. Deep work: rules for focused success in a distracted World by Newport, Cal Economic behavior, game theory, and technology in emerging markets Economic information and finance: more information means more credit, fewer bad loans, and less corruption by Islam, Roumeen Economics of accounting by Christensen, Peter O. Economics of accounting by Christensen, P. O. Efficiency and economy in government through new budgeting and accounting procedures, February 1, 1954 by Novick, David Empirical research in capital markets Estate finance and business management by Miles, Charles William Noel Finance accounts Finance accounts Finance accounts Finance accounts Finance accounts Finance accounts Finance accounts Finance accounts Finance accounts Finance accounts Finance accounts Finance accounts Finance accounts Finance accounts Finance accounts - 1968-69 by Finance accounts - 1970-71 by Finance accounts - 1971-72 by Finance accounts - 1972-73 Finance accounts - 1972-73 by Finance accounts - 1974-75 Finance accounts - 1984-85 by Finance accounts - 1985-86 by Finance accounts - 1993-94 by Finance accounts - 1995-96 by Finance accounts 1969-70 Finance accounts of the Union Government Finance accounts of the Union Government.1997-98 Finance accounts: government of Gujarat - 1971-72 by Finance accounts: government of Gujarat - 1973-74 by Finance accounts: Government of the union territory of Pondicherry - 1972-72 by Finance accounts: government of the union territory of Pondicherry - 1972-73 by Finance companies: their accounting financial statement by Smith, Elmo V. 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