Start-Up_2018 RSS feed for public list Start-Up_2018 Consulting start-up and management: a guide for evaluators and applied researchers by Barrington, Gail V. 101 best dot coms to start: the essential sourcebook of start-up wisdom, financial tips, and inside secrets for building a business on the internet get big fast by Spector, Robert Startupland: how three guys risked everything to turn an idea into a global business by Svane, Mikkel Hatching Twitter: a true story of money, power, friendship, and betrayal by Bilton, Nick The Facebook effect: the real inside story Mark Zuckerberg and the world's fastest-growing company by Kirkpatrick, David Start-up nation: the story of Israel's economic miracle by Senor, Dan. Arise, awake: the inspiring stories of 10 young entrepreneurs who graduated from college into a business of their own by Bansal, Rashmi Chinnovation: how Chinese innovators are changing the world by Tan, Yinglan Startup rising: the entrepreneurial revolution remaking the middle east by Schroder, Christopher M. India: the spirit of enterprise by Malik, Ashok Cases in technology innovation: entrepreneurial successes and pitfalls by Becker, S. Ann Silicon sky: how one small start-up went over the top to beat the big boys into satellite heaven by Dorsey, Gary High tech start up: the complete handbook for creating successful new high tech companies by Nesheim, John L. Connect the dots: the inspiring stories of 20 entrepreneurs without an MBA who dared to find their own path by Bansal, Rashmi Technology ventures: from idea to enterprise by Byers, Thomas H. Angel investing: matching start-up funds with start-up companies - the guide for entrepreneurs, individual investors, and venture capitalists by Van Osnabrugge, Mark The Google Story by Vise, David A. Inside apple: the secrets behind the past and future success of Steve Jobs's iconic brand by Lashinsky, Adam Steve Jobs: the man who thought different by Blumenthal, Karen One click: Jeff Bezos and the rise of by Brandt, Richard L. Alibaba's world: how a remarkable Chinese company is changing the face of global business by Erisman, Porter The everything store: Jeff Bezos and the age of Amazon by Stone, Brad The fourth IIT: the saga of IIT Kanpur (1960-2010) Steve Jobs by Isaacson, Walter The $100 startup: fire your boss, do what you love and work better to live more by Guillebeau, Chris Start it up: why running your own business is easier than you think by Johnson, Luke The startup owner's manual: the step-by-step guide for building a great company - Vol. 1 by Blank, Steve Start-up: a practical guide to starting and running a new business by Harris, Tom Founders at work: stories of startups' early days by Livingston, Jessica Start-up sutra: what the angels won't tell you about business and life by Prasad, Rohit Jugaad innovation: a frugal and flexible approach to innovation for the 21st century by Radjou, Navi The innovator's hypothesis: how cheap experiments are worth more than good ideas by Schrage, Michael Lean in: women, work, and the will to lead by Sandberg, Sheryl Start-up city: ten tales of exceptional entrepreneurship from Bangalore's software miracle by Bannerjee, Moloy K. The frugal innovator: creating change on a shoestring budget by Leadbeater, Charles Build from scratch: real strategies and proven methods to build start-up businesses by Bajpai, Vineet Entrepreneurship: successfully launching new ventures by Barringer, Bruce R. Breaking out and making big: a no-nonsense book on new age start-ups and entrepreneurship by Desai, Rudrajeet From Jugaad to systematic innovation: the challenge for India by Krishnan, Rishikesha T. Real-time marketing for business growth: how to use social media, measure marketing, and create a culture of execution by Reece, Monique Follow every rainbow: the inspiring stories of 25 women enterpreneurs whose gentle touch created strong business by Bansal, Rashmi I have a dream: the inspiring stories of 20 social entrepreneurs who found new ways to solve old problems by Bansal, Rashmi Stay hungry stay foolish: the inspiring stories of 25 IIM Ahmedabad graduates who chose to tread a path of their own making by Bansal, Rashmi Stay hungry stay foolish: the inspiring stories of 25 IIM Ahmedabad graduates who chose to tread a path of their own making by Bansal, Rashmi Grassroots innovation: minds on the margin are not marginal minds by Gupta, Anil K.