Books on Entrepreneurship RSS feed for public list Books on Entrepreneurship A brief history of entrepreneurship: the pioneers, profiteers, and racketeers who shaped our world by Carlen, Joe A general theory of entrepreneurship: the individual-opportunity nexus by Shane, Scott A grounded theory study on social entrepreneurship: comparison of traditional and social entrepreneurial nonprofit model by Duncan, Ernest A history of entrepreneurship by Hebert, Robert F. Achieving excellence: case studies of entrepreneurship and export successes of six companies Advances in entrepreneurship, firm emergence, and growth Advances in entreprenurship, firm emergence and growth Advances in the study of entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic growth - 3 Vols. African businessmen: a study of entrepreneurship and development in Kenya by Marris, Peter Agenda for change: entrepreneurship education in management schools Agricultural education for entrepreneurship, excellence and environmental sustainability: agenda for innovation and change by Gupta, Anil K. Alleviating poverty through business strategy: global case studies in social entrepreneurship Attitudes of the Youth towards entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship: A croess-cultural comparison of India and Chin by Abhishek Goel and others (W.P. No. 2007-01-06 2002) by Goel, Abhishek Blackwell handbook of entrepreneurship Boulevard of broken dreams: why public efforts to boost entrepreneurship and venture capital have failed and what to do about it by Lerner, Josh Branson's virgin: entrepreneurship in action (CD) Breaking out and making big: a no-nonsense book on new age start-ups and entrepreneurship by Desai, Rudrajeet Capitalism with Chinese characteristics: entrepreneurship and the state by Huang, Yasheng Cases in entrepreneurship Cases in entrepreneurship: the venture creation process by Morse Eric A. Cases on information technology entrepreneurship by Medina-Garrido, Jose Aurelio Centre for Entrepreneurship development; an evaluation Centre for Entrepreneurship development; an evaluation Clusters of creativity: enduring lessons on innovation and entrepreneurship from silicon valley and Europe's Silicon Fen by Koepp, Rob Collective entrepreneurship in a globalizing economy by Mourdoukoutas, Panos Comparative entrepreneurship: the UK, Japan, and the shadow of Silicon Valley by Whittaker, D. Hugh Competence, governance and entrepreneurship: advances in economic strategy research Corporate entrepreneurship and growth/ edited by Shaker A. Zahra Corporate entrepreneurship: building the entrepreneurial organization by Burns, Paul Corporate entrepreneurship: innovation and strategy in large organizations by Burns, Paul Corporate entrepreneurship: top managers and new business creation by Sathe, Vijay Corporate responsibility and entrepreneurship: a youth insight Creativity and entrepreneurship: changing currents in education and public life Creativity, law and entrepreneurship Developing entrepreneurship: a handbook by Rao, T. Venkateswara Development banks and entrepreneurship promotion in India by Sharma, P K Developmental aspects of entrepreneurship edited Disciplined entrepreneurship: 24 steps to a successful startup by Aulet, Bill Effectual entrepreneurship by Read, Stuart Effectuation: elements of entrepreneurial expertise by Sarasvathy, Saras D. Eleventh Biennial conference on entrepreneurship (Conference papers) - 2 Vols. Emergence of pioneering-innovative entrepreneurship: a psychological model by Mathew J. Manimala (Working Paper, No. 1986/624) by Manimala, Mathew J. Emerging entrepreneurship among scheduled castes of contemporary India: a study of Kolhapur city by Dahiwale, S. M. Emerging trends in entrepreneurship research: review of the journal of entrepreneurship by Batthini, Ganapathi Empowerment for sustainable development: building upon local creativity and entrepreneurship in Vulnerable environments by Anil K. Gupta (Working Paper, No. 1994/1207) by Gupta, Anil K. Enterprise, deprivation and social exclusion: the role of small business in addressing social and economic inequalities Entrepreneur in youth: an untapped resource for economic growth, social entrepreneurship and education by Kourilsky, Marilyn L Entrepreneurship by Hisrich, Robert D. Entrepreneurship by Roy, Rajeev Entrepreneurship by Roy, Rajeev Entrepreneurship growth and public policy Entrepreneurship (CD) Entrepreneurship across generations: narrative, gender and learning in family business by Hamilton, Eleanor Entrepreneurship among tribals by Trivedi, Madhusudan Entrepreneurship and business culture: studies in the economics of trust by Casson, Mark Entrepreneurship and enterprise development in Asia by Kao, Raymond W. Y. Entrepreneurship and industry in India, 1800-1947 by Ray, Rajat Kanta Entrepreneurship and innovation in automobile insurance: Samuel P. Black and the rise of erie insurance, 1923-1961 by Black, Samuel P. Entrepreneurship and innovation: models for development Entrepreneurship and new venture creation by Sahay, A. Entrepreneurship and organization: the role of the entrepreneur in organisational innovation Entrepreneurship and public policy: can government stimulate business start ups by Mokry, Benjamin W. Entrepreneurship and rural markets by Rajagopal Entrepreneurship and small business Entrepreneurship and technology: world experiences and policies Entrepreneurship and the creative economy: process, practice and policy Entrepreneurship and the market process: an enquiry into the growth of knowledge by Harper, David A. Entrepreneurship and the new firm by Storey, D. J. Entrepreneurship as social change: a third movements in entrepreneurship book Entrepreneurship as strategy: competing on the entrepreneurial edge Entrepreneurship bibliography - II Entrepreneurship development in India and the South-East Asian Countries in agricultural and industrial sectors by Bhattacharya, Sib Nath Entrepreneurship development in public enterprises Entrepreneurship development programme for ex-servicemen Entrepreneurship development: an interdisciplinary approach by Bhanushali, S. G. Entrepreneurship education in 1980 by Vesper, Karl H. Entrepreneurship for engineers by Uchino, Kenji Entrepreneurship in action: a retail store simulation by Regni, Rosalie J. Entrepreneurship in action: a retail store simulation by Regni, Rosalie Entrepreneurship in action: a retail store simulation (CD) by Regni, Rosalie Entrepreneurship in action: a retail store simulation (CD) by Regni, Rosalie Entrepreneurship in biotechnology: managing for growth from start-up to initial public offering by Grossmann, Martin Entrepreneurship in China by Yang, Keming Entrepreneurship in hosiery industry: Ludhiana and Tirupur by Sharma, D. D. Entrepreneurship in India: national knowlegde commision 2008 by National Knowledge Commis Entrepreneurship in international marketing Entrepreneurship in non-commercial organisations by S. Manoj (Student Project) by Manoj, S. Entrepreneurship in small industry by Kumar, S. Ashok Entrepreneurship in small scale industries by Khanka, S. S. Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century Entrepreneurship in the creative industries: an international perspective Entrepreneurship in the global firm by Birkinshaw, Julian Entrepreneurship in the informal economy: models, approaches and prospects for economic development Entrepreneurship in the new millennium by Kuratko, Donald F. Entrepreneurship in the social sector by Wei-Skillern, Jane Entrepreneurship in theory and practice: paradoxes in play by Nielsen, Suna Lowe Entrepreneurship marketing: principles and practice of SME marketing Entrepreneurship of small scale industries: concept, growth, management by Deshpande, Manohar U. Entrepreneurship simplified: from idea to IPO by Soota, Ashok Entrepreneurship strategy: changing patterns in new venture creation growth and reinvention by Gundry, Lisa K. Entrepreneurship theory at the crossroads: paradigms and praxis by Manimala, Mathew J. Entrepreneurship, concepts, theory and perspective Entrepreneurship, geography, and American economic growth by Zoltan J. Acs and Catherine Armington. by Acs, Zoltan J. Entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic development Entrepreneurship, management, and the structure of payoffs by Baumol, William J. Entrepreneurship, small and medium-sized enterprises and the macroeconomy by Entrepreneurship, social capital and governance: directions for the sustainable development and competitiveness of regions Entrepreneurship, strategic management and globalisation Entrepreneurship: a contemporary approach by Kuratko, Donald F. Entrepreneurship: a new perspective by Grebel, Thomas Entrepreneurship: a South-Asian perspective by Kuratko, Donald F. Entrepreneurship: an international introduction by Kariv, Dafna Entrepreneurship: creating and leading an entrepreneurial organization by Kumar, Arya Entrepreneurship: creating and managing new ventures by Lloyd, Bruce Entrepreneurship: critical perspectives on business and management Entrepreneurship: expectations and experience by Bisht, Narendra S. Entrepreneurship: new venture creation by Holt, David H. Entrepreneurship: strategies and resources by Dollinger, Marc J. Entrepreneurship: successfully launching new ventures by Barringer, Bruce R. Entrepreneurship: the social science view Environmental entrepreneurship: markets meet the environment in unexpected places by Huggins, Laura E. Evaluation of entrepreneurship development programmes by Awasthi, Dinesh Narain Exploring entrepreneurship: practices and perspectives by Blundel, Richard Extraordinary entrepreneurship: the professional's guide to starting an exceptional enterprise by Harper, Stephen C. Female entrepreneurship by McAdam, Maura Female entrepreneurship and the new venture creation: an international overview by Kariv, Dafna Female entrepreneurship in nineteenth-century England: engagement in the urban economy by Aston, Jennifer Getting beyond better: how social entrepreneurship works by Osberg, Sally Grassroots entrepreneurship: entrepreneurs and micro-enterprises in rural India by Kanitkar, Ajit Group dynamics and entrepreneurship: course material, 1988-89 by Gupta, Ranjit Group entrepreneurship with the rural poor: an idea, whose time has come by Bogaert, M. V. d. Grow from within: mastering corporate entrepreneurship and innovation by Wolcott, Robert C. Growing new ventures, creating new jobs: principles and practices of successful business incubation by Rice, Mark P. Handbook of bioentrepreneurship by Lynch, Scott M Handbook of qualitative research methods in entrepreneurship Handbook of research on social entrepreneurship Handbook of research on social entrepreneurship and solidarity economics by Saiz-Alvarez, Jose Manuel Harvard business review on entrepreneurship Hybrid organizations: social enterprise and social entrepreneurship, course-vi by Pinckney-Edwards, Jacquel Immigration and entrepreneurship: culture, capital, and ethnic networks India's late, late industrial revolution: democratizing entrepreneurship by Majumdar, Sumit K. Indian business houses and entrepreneurship: a note on research trends by Dwijendra Tripathi (Working Paper, No. 1984/546) by Tripathi, Dwijendra Indian entrepreneurship: its past and present by Chernovskaya, Valentina Innovation and entrepreneurship: practice and principles by Drucker, Peter F. Innovation and entrepreneurship: successful start-ups and businesses in emerging economies Innovation, entrepreneurship and culture: the interaction between technology, progress and economic growth Innovation, entrepreneurship, and the economy in the US, China, and India: historical perspectives and future trends by Shah, Rajiv Innovation, entrepreneurship, geography, and growth International educational innovation and public sector entrepreneurship International entrepreneurship in family businesses by Casillas, Jose C. International entrepreneurship: starting developing and managing a global venture by Hisrich, Robert D. International entrepreneurship: the effect of firm age on motives for internationalization - Vol. 5 by Brush, Candida G. International handbook of entrepreneurship and HRM by International handbook of research on indigenous entrepreneurship Internet entrepreneurship in Europe: venture failure and the timing of telecommunications reform by Waesche, Niko Marcel Introduction to social entrepreneurship: voices, preconditions, contexts by Ziegler, Rafael Know-who based entrepreneurship: from knowledge creation to business implementation by Harryson, Sigvald J. Knowledge intensive entrepreneurship: the birth, growth and demise of entrepreneurial firms by Delmar, Frederic Knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship and innovation systems: evidence from Europe Lala Shri Ram: a study in entrepreneurship and industrial management by Joshi, Arun Lala Shri Ram: a study in entrepreneurship and industrial management by Joshi, Arun Life cycle of entrepreneurial ventures Making ecopreneurs: developing sustainable entrepreneurship by Schaper, Michael Managing innovation and entrepreneurship by Hisrich, Robert D. Managing new ventures: concepts and cases on entrepreneurship by Raichaudhuri, Anjan Managing technology entrepreneurship and innovation by Trott, Paul. Marketing and entrepreneurship: research ideas and opportunities Minorities in entrepreneurship: an international review by Wood, Glenice J. New venture creation: entrepreneurship for the 21st century by Timmons, Jeffrey A. On entrepreneurship and impact by Deshpande, Desh Organisational assessment of the centre for Entrepreneurship Development by Khandwalla, Pradip N. Patterns of entrepreneurship by Kaplan, Jack M. Patterns of entrepreneurship by Kaplan, Jack M. Planet entrepreneur: the world entrepreneurship forum's guide to business success around the world Private sector in development: entrepreneurship, regulation and competitive disciplines by Klein, Michael U Profits and sustainability: a history of green entrepreneurship by Jones, Geoffrey Public policy and the economics of entrepreneurship Public sector entrepreneurship: U.S. technology and innovation policy by Leyden, Dennis Patrick Regional culture, managerial behaviour, and entrepreneurship: an international perspective Search for social entrepreneurship by Light, Paul C. Small business, entrepreneurship and enterprise development by Beaver, Graham Small firms and entrepreneurship: an East-West perspective Small firms in action: case histories in entrepreneurship by Chisnall, Peter M. Social entrepreneurship and sustainable business models: the case of India Social entrepreneurship in the age of atrocities: changing our world Social entrepreneurship in the water sector: getting things done sustainably by Ziegler, Rafael Social entrepreneurship: a modern approach to social value creation by Brooks, Arthur C. Social entrepreneurship: a skills approach Social entrepreneurship: defining the nonprofit behavior and creating and instrument for development by Helm, Scott Social entrepreneurship: how to start successful corporate social responsibility and community based initiatives for advocacy and change by London, Manuel Social entrepreneurship: new models of sustainable social change edited Social entrepreneurship: the next big business opportunity by Philips, Robert A. Social entrepreneurship: the next big business opportunity by Philips, Robert A. Social entrepreneurship: what everyone needs to know by Bornstein, David Start-up city: ten tales of exceptional entrepreneurship from Bangalore's software miracle by Bannerjee, Moloy K. Strategic entrepreneurship: a decision-making approach to new venture creation and management by Wickham, Philip A. Strategic entrepreneurship: creating a new mindset Study of IT entrepreneurship in Gujarat by Brijesh Khergamkar and Deepti Jerath (Student Project) by Khergamkar, Brijesh Successful American entrepreneurship in Central America by Gallardo, Frank J. Thomas Successful entrepreneurship: confronting economic theory with empirical practice by Praag Van, Mirjam C. Teaching entrepreneurship: a practice-based approach by Neck, Heidi M. Team entrepreneurship by Stewart, Alex Technical entrepreneurship: issues of research and applications Technology entrepreneurship: taking innovation to the marketplace by Duening, Thomas N. Tenth Biennial conference on entrepreneurship (Conference papers) 2 vols. The Business idea: the early stages of entrepreneurship by Hougaard, Soren The Culture of entrepreneurship The Economics of self-employment and entrepreneurship by Parker, Simon C. The entrepreneurship research challenge by Davidsson, Per The founders dilemmas: anticipating and avoiding the pitfalls that can sink a startup by Wasserman, Noam The Guru guide to entrepreneurship: a concise guide to the best ideas from the world's top entrepreneurs by Boyett, Joseph H. The illusions of entrepreneurship: the costly myths that entrepreneurs, investors, and policy makers live by by Shane, Scott A. The illusions of entrepreneurship: the costly myths that entrepreneurs, investors, and policy makers live by by Shane, Scott A. The impact of globalization on Argentina and Chile: business enterprises and entrepreneurship The Oxford handbook of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship The Oxford handbook of entrepreneurship The portable MBA in entrepreneurship The practice of entrepreneurship by Meredith, Geoffrey G. The psychology of entrepreneurship The Routledge companion to entrepreneurship The Routledge companion to the makers of modern entrepreneurship The silicon valley edge: a habitat for innovation and entrepreneurship The spirit of entrepreneurship: exploring the essence of entrepreneurship through personal stories by Nandram, S S. Twelfth biennial conference on entrepreneurship (2 vols. set) Understanding social entrepreneurship: the relentless pursuit of mission in an ever changing world by Kickul, Jill R. Viable industrial opportunity: the Vital component in entrepreneurship When the harvest is in: developing rural entrepreneurship Who's who in small business and entrepreneurship worldwide