Big data RSS feed for public list Big data Advanced data analysis, business analytics and intelligence, April 11-12, 2015 (ICADABAI ) (DVD) Agile analytics: a value-driven approach to business intelligence and data warehousing by Collier, Ken Always on: digital brand strategy in a big data world by Overland, Arve Peder Analytic methods in sports: using mathematics and statistics to understand data from baseball, football, basketball and other sports by Severini, Thomas A. Analytics and dynamic customer strategy: big profits from big data by Tanner, John F. Analytics in a big data world: the essential guide to data science and its applications by Baesens, Bart Beautiful visualization: looking data through the eyes of experts by Steele, Julie Big data by Surhone. Lambert M. Big data - unabridged guide by Burgess, Jacqueline Big data analysis for bioinformatics and biomedical discoveries Big data analysis in the health care industry(CD) by Golia, Aakash Big data analytics: disruptive technologies for changing the game by Sathi, Arvind Big data analytics: turning big data into big money by Ohilhorst, Frank J. Big data and analytics applications in government: current practices and future opportunities Big data and business analytics Big data and health analytics Big data at work: dispelling the myths, uncovering the opportunities by Davenport, Thomas H. Big data for dummies by Hurwitz, Judith Big Data Governance: An Emerging Imperative by Soares, Sunil Big data integration theory: theory and methods of database mappings, programming languages, and semantics by Majkic, Zoran Big data now: 2012 edition Big data of complex networks Big data revolution: what farmers, doctors and insurance agents teach us about discovering big data patterns by Thomas, Rob Big data, big analytics: emerging business intelligence and analytic trends for today's business by Minelli, Michael Big data, big innovation: enabling competitive differentiation through business analytics by Stubbs, Evan Big data, data mining and machine learning: value creation for business leaders and practitions by Dean, Jared Big data, little data, no data: scholarship in the networked world by Borgman, Christine L. Big data, mining, and analytics: components of strategic decision making by Kudyba, Stephan Big data: a revolution that will transform how we live, work and think by Mayer-Schonberger, Viktor Big data: understanding how data powers big business by Schmarzo, Bill Business intelligence guidebook: from data integration to analytics by Sherman, Rick Closed birth intervals: a data analytic study by D'souza, Stanislaus Communicating data with Tableau: designing, developing, and delivering data visualizations by Jones, Ben Computational and statistical methods for analysing big data with applications by Liu, Shen Correlated data analysis: modeling, analytics, and applications by Song, Peter X. K. Creating business agility: how convergence of cloud, social, mobile, video, and big data enables competitive advantage by Heisterberg, Rodney Customer and business analytics: applied data mining for business decision making using R by Putler, Daniel S. Cutting-edge marketing analytics: real world cases and data sets for hands on learning by Venkatesan, Rajkumar Data analysis using regression and multilevel/hierarchical models by Gelman, Andrew Data design: visualising quantities, locations, connections by Mollerup, Per Data display systems: their use as visual planning aids for management in the age of computerization by Horton, W. Gray Data mining and business analytics with R by Ledolter, Johannes Data mining for managers: how to use data (big and small) to solve business challenges by Boire, Richard Data Points: visualization that means something by Yau, Nathan Data science for business: what you need to know about data mining and data-analytic thinking by Provost, Foster Data visualisation: a handbook for data driven design by Kirk, Andy Data visualization: principles and practice by Telea, Alexandru Data-driven healthcare: how analytics and BI are transforming the industry by Madson, Laura B. Demographic and social information in migration surveys: analytical significance and guidelines for data collection by Oberai, A. S. Digital marketing analytics: making sense of consumer data in a digital world by Hemann, Chuck Effective data visualization: the right chart for the right data by Evergreen, Stephanie D. H. Ethics of big data: balancing risk and innovation by Davis, Kord Everybody lies: big data, new data, and what the internet can tell us about who we really are by Stephens-Davidowitz, Seth Financial analytics with R: building a laptop laboratory for data science by Bennett, Mark J. Graph analysis and visualization: discovering business opportunity in linked data by Brath, Richard Handbook of big data Health analytics: gaining the insights to transform health care by Burke, Jason Healthcare analytics: from data to knowledge to healthcare improvement by Yang, Hui Healthcare data analytics Humanizing big data: marketing at the meeting of data, social science and consumer insight by Strong, Colin Information dashboard design: the effective visual communication of data by Few, Stephen Information visualization in data mining and knowledge discovery Lattice: multivariate data visualization with R by Sarkar, Deepayan Lean analytics: use data to build a better startup faster by Croll, Alistair Learning tableau: leverage the power of tableau 9.0 to design rich data visualizations and build fully interactive dashboards by Milligan, Joshua N. Library analytics and metrics: using data to drive decisions and services Machine learning for big data: hands-on for developers and technical professionals by Bell, Jason Marketing analytics: data-driven techniques with Microsoft Excel by Winston, Wayne L. Marketing database analytics: transforming data for competitive advantage by Banasiewicz, Andrew D. Mathematical foundations of scientific visualization, computer graphics, and massive data exploration MATLAB: data analysis and visualization by Siciliano, Antonio Migration, production and technological change: analytical issued and guidelines for data collection and analysis by Oberai, A. S. Modeling techniques in predictive analytics with Python and R: a guide to data science by Miller, Thomas W. Multidimensional data visualization: methods and applications by Dzemyda, Gintautas Predictive analytics and data mining: concepts and practice with rapidminer by Kotu, Vijay Privacy, big data, and the public good: frameworks for engagement Proceedings IEEE 2001 symposium on parallel and large-data visualization and graphics Real-time analytics: techniques to analyse and visualize streaming data by Ellis, Byron Social network data analytics Statistical graphics for visualizing multivariate data by Jacoby, William G. Statistics and data analytics for health data management by Davis, Nadinia A. Storytelling with data: a data visualization guide for business professionals by Knaflic, Cole Nussbaumer Streaming, sharing, stealing: big data and the future of entertainment by Smith, Michael D. Taming the big data tidal wave: finding opportunities in huge data streams with advanced analytics by Franks, Bill The analytics revolution: how to improve your business by making analytics operational in the big data era by Franks, Bill The big data-driven business : by Glass, Russell, The big data-driven business: how to use big data to win customers, beat competitors, and boost profits by Glass, Russell The data revolution: big data, open data, data infrastructures and​ their consequences by Kitchin, Rob The human element of big data: issues, analytics and performance The human face of big data by Smolan, Rick Too big to ignore: the business case for big data by Simon, Phil Understanding the predictive analytics life cycle by Cordoba, Alberto Using visual data in qualitative research by Banks, Marcus Visualize this: the flowing data guide to design, visualization, and statistics by Yau, Nathan Visualizing categorical data by Friendly, Michael Visualizing data by Cleaveland, William Visualizing data by Fry, Ben. Weapons of math destruction: how big data increases inequality and threatens democracy by O'Neil, Cathy Web data mining: exploring hyperlinks, contents, and usage data by Liu, Bing Web data mining: exploring hyperlinks, contents, and usage data by Liu, Bing What makes a data-story work? a framework for effective visual data narratives by Amit Kapoor and Kavitha Ranganathan (Working paper, no.2014-02-05/2377) by Kapoor, Amit Winning on HR analytics: leveraging data for competitive advantage by Soundararajan, Ramesh