Prof. Ramani RSS feed for public list Prof. Ramani Beyond tears and laughter: gender, migration, and the service sector in China by Shen, Yang Crossing the border to India: youth migration and masculinities in Nepal by Sharma, Jeevan R. Dynamics of Indian migration: historical and current perspectives by Rajan, S. Irudaya From migrant to worker: global unions and temporary labor migration in Asia by Ford, Michele Global care work: gender and migration in Nordic societies Governing international labour migration: current issues, challenges and dilemmas Handbook of the economics of international migration (volume 1A: the immigrants) Handbook of the economics of international migration (volume 1B: the impact and regional studies) India migration report 2010: governance and labour migration India migration report 2015: gender and migration India migration report 2018: migrants in Europe India moving: a history of migration by Tumbe, Chinmay Internal migration in contemporary India International labour migration: a rights-based approach Migrant rights at work: Law's precariousness at the intersection of immigration and labour by Berg, Laurie Migration and agriculture: mobility and change in the mediterranean area Migration in political theory: the ethics of movement and membership Migration in the 21st century: political economy and ethnography Migration, gender and care economy Migration, masculinities and reproductive labour: men of the home by Gallo, Ester Moving with the times: gender, status, and migration of nurses in India by Nair, Sreelekha Researching international migration: lessons from the Kerala experience by Zachariah, K. C. Skilled migration, expectation and reality: Chinese professionals and the global labour market by Lu, Ying South Asian migration to Gulf countries: history, policies, development Uncertain journeys: labour migration from South Asia Virtual migration: the programming of globalization by Aneesh, A.