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Artificial intelligence: a personal, commonsense journey by Arnold, William R Artificial intelligence: an MIT perspective Artificial intelligence: an MIT perspective - Vol.1 Artificial intelligence: human effects Artificial intelligence: principles and applications by Yazdani, Masoud Artificial intelligence: promise and performance by Bonnet, Alain Artificial intelligence: structures and strategies for complex problem solving by Luger, George F Artificial intelligence: the case against Artificial intelligence: the heuristic programming approach by Slagle, James R. Artificial intelligence: tools, techniques, and applications Artificial intelligence: with an introduction to machine learning by Neapolitan, Richard E. Artificial unintelligence: how computers misunderstand the world by Broussard, Meredith Bayesian artificial intelligence by Korb, Kevin B. Computational semantics: an introduction to artificial intelligence and natural language comprehension Decision theory models for applications in artificial intelligence: concepts and solutions by Sucar, L. Enrique Decision theory models for applications in artificial intelligence: concepts and solutions by Sucar, L. 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Introduction to artificial intelligence by Jackson, Philip C. Introduction to artificial intelligence by Charniak, Eugene Introduction to artificial intelligence and expert systems by Patterson, Dan W. Keyguide to information sources in artificial intelligence/expert systems by Hancox, Peter J. Knowledge, skill, and artificial intelligence by Goranzon, Bo Life 3.0: being human in the age of artificial intelligence by Tegmark, Max Lisp: the language of artificial intelligence by Berk, A.A. Mathematical methods for artificial intelligence and autonomous systems by Dougherty, Edward R. Neural networks with R: smart models using CNN, RNN, deep learning, and artificial intelligence principles by Ciaburro, Giuseppe Object-oriented programming for artificial intelligence: a guide to tools and system design by Tello, Ernest R. On AI, analytics, and the new machine age On conceptual modelling: perspectives from artificial intelligence, databases, and programming languages On knowledge base management systems: integrating artificial intelligence and database technologies Our final invention: artificial intelligence and the end of the human era by Barrat, James Passionate engines: what emotions reveal about the mind and artificial intelligence by DeLancey, Craig Principles of artificial intelligence by Nilsson, Nils J. Pro deep learning with TensorFlow: a mathematical approach to advanced artificial intelligence in Python by Pattanayak, Santanu Progress in artificial intelligence Prolog programming for artificial intelligence by Bratko, Ivan. Relations in knowledge representation: studies in Nyaya, Mimansa, Vyakarna, Tantra, modern linguistics and artificial intelligence in computer application by Dash, Keshab Chandra Robot-proof: higher education in the age of artificial intelligence by Aoun, Joseph E Robotics and AI: an introduction to applied machine intelligence by Staugaard, Andrew C. Smart robots: a handbook of intelligent robotic systems by Hunt, V. Daniel The AI advantage: how to put the artificial intelligence revolution to work by Davenport, Thomas H. The AI business: the commercial uses of artificial intelligence The AI does not hate you: superintelligence, rationality and the race to save the world by Chivers, Tom The cognitive computer: on language, learning, and artificial intelligence by Schank, Roger C. The elements of artificial intelligence: an introduction using LISP by Tanimoto, Steven L. 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