Srivastava, U. K.

Impact of mechanization on small fishermen: analysis and village studies - New Delhi Concept Publishing Company 1986 - xxviii, 499 p.: ill. Includes bibliography and index - Centre for Management in Agriculture (CMA) monograph; 114 .

The book is designed with the following Objectives:
1. To Study the trends in Production of Marine fish in the country and the impact of Mechanization on Marine fish Production.
2. To understand the factors affecting the mechanization of fishing crafts.
3. To Understand the current socio-economic status of small fishermen and assess the changes taking place due to mechanization.
4. To study the benefits accruing to small fishermen from various programmes of mechanization and their impact on distribution gains.
5. To evaluate the changes in utilization pattern of end-use of fish production due to mechanization and their consequent impact on the product marker.
6. To identify the problem areas in the development of small fishermen.
The book is divided into two parts. The first part deals mainly with the analysis of macro data and the inter-village comparisons to evaluate the impact of mechanization on small fishermen and fishing villages. The second part present case studies of selected Villages.

Fisheries - Economic aspects - India
Fishermen - India
Electric fishing

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