Basant, Rakesh

Role of educational and R and D institutions in city clusters: an exploratory study of bangalore and pune regions in India by Rakesh Basant and Pankaj, Chandra Basant, Rakesh - Ahmedabad Indian Institute of Management 2006 - 35 p.

This paper explores the role played by academic institutions in Bangalore and Pune cities of India. It shows that there exits a large variety of linkages between industry and academic in the two India cities; a hierarchy of institutions satisfies a hierarchy of local demands ranging from skills to new technologies. While labor market linkages continue to dominate, global and local changes are creating opportunities for knowledge based linkages. With enhanced competition and privatization of research and education, these are bound to undergo significant change in the future and policy should facilitate this transition.

Research and development - India
Spatial Clusters
Academia - Industry linkages

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