Parikh, Indira J.

Organizations of the future by Indira J. Parikh (Working Paper, No. 2000-03-07/1587) Parikh, Indira J. - Ahmedabad Indian Institute of Management 2000 - 9 p.

The paper " The Organizations of the Future " explores the movement of organizations in India the past to the organization of the future. The last five decades Indian organizations have moved from- 1. An ancient civilization of vast richness to contrasting poverty and scarcity to the present of increasing plenty. 2. Idealistic socio-political systems to a self centered, power-centered and greed. 3. Indian corporation movement from manufacturing, production, selling of shabby goods to increasing focus on quality and services. 4. A society with rigid structures to possibilities of freedom. 5. Communities deeply embedded in narrow role definition to give expression to ones own aspirations and 6. Individuals responding to the world with capabilities and competencies. The interplay of the above impacting the masses. The paper examines the Indian corporations transforming given the changes occurring globally. Three critical shifts are highlighted. (1) The individuals fragmentation of home and work space and redefinitions due to net explosion. (2) Women s entry into work and broadening of the role boundaries impacting the relationships. (3) The Concept of life space of men and women and search for humanising relationships. The paper identifies the new paradigms of people which the corporations would require at the level of collectivity of employees, systems and the individual.

Organization - India

WP 2000-03-07 (1587)

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